Our Sets

Rustic Village

Experience village like never before, The set is designed with a vision of rustic and artistic typical Indian village with accented colors for a better photo composition

Stone Street

The concept of historic stone street brought to you in its vibrant form only at Hcity. This set give an unparalleled feel of freshness in your pictures


Hone the inner auto enthusiast in you in our garage sets perfect for role-based photoshoots with a actual under repair scooter prop in bright colors

Wild West Town

The Old Western American frontier or the wild west set includes the cultural and folklore of the early wild west created with old style building architecture

Forever Jewels

A Perfect Jewellery store setup with jewellery props shopping window is perfect for a pre wedding as well as traditions photoshoots

Bus Stop

The experience of falling in love at a bus stop is always remembered by our yesteryears. This set will bring out that perfect moment in your shoots

Colorful Blocks

Colors is what defines a photo, Our colorful blocks sets allows you to run your imaginations wild with vibrant colorful blocks for your shoot

Paradise Garden

Let your Photos be filled with Flowers at our uniquely themed Paradise garden with vibrant flower arrangements

Europe Street

We have brought Europe street to our sets for a vibrant street style photography experience best suited for traditional as well as candid photos

Grand Royal Hall

The Grandeur of the Grand Royal Hall is itself mesmerizing to the keen eyes. The Hall is artistically designed so as to to bring best to your photo

Burano Street

Burano Street is known for its colorful photogenic houses located at Venice. Our set is a replica of this famous tourist destination which offers picturesque beauty

Moroccan Street

Our Moroccan Street Set invites you to experience ancient Moroccan craftsmanship and tradition with vibrant primary colors for your shoots

Maharaja Hall

The luxurious and extravagant lifestyle of the maharajas is brought to you at Hcity. The exemplary artistic wonder is best suited for candid as well as traditional photos

Zapp the music store

Let the music store set express a melodious harmony in your photos, The set is designed with a perfect bluish background to enhance your picture.


Experience the living ways of the great warrior kings and Queens, Get your photos a historic touch to it at our exclusive Fort Set

Venice Street

Let the Venice streets enchant you with its timeless architecture, A perfect exquisite setup for pre-wedding or couple shoots


A Fashion store next to you with actual life-size mannequins which adds to the reality in the your photo shoots at this set.

Beautiful Blossoms

A flower shop set to accentuate your photos with the beauty of flowers and a vintage cycle to add to its glory in your shoots

Style Hub

Style hub a part of Europe street sets depicts early years of fashion in Europe with a vintage touch to it for yesteryear style photos

The Grand Rajwada

Grand Rajwada is an epitome of Indian culture and its grandeur. The set is designed for the perfect traditional photoshoots or wedding shoots for your special day

Grand Maldives

The Maldives is known as a tropical paradise for its beauty. Capture your blissful moments with your loved ones at our beautiful Maldives setup.

On the Rocks

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Castle Street

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